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About Us

This website is inspired by Rosie, my most difficult dog rescue ever.  Rosie is a 30 pound wire-haired terrier/corgi mix.

I've owned dogs for over 40 years but this girl is special. I found Rosie at Baker Bridge Rescue and immediately knew she was the one.  She had been shot at as a puppy and needed someone special to help her heal. She was terrified of humans.  The owner, John Baker felt certain that I was a perfect match for Rosie.  I drove from Ohio to Tennessee to get her.  We put her in the back of my SUV.  She didn't move the entire way home.  I stopped a couple of times but she wouldn't get out.

I started to doubt myself and question what in the world I got myself into!  But as soon as we reached my house, she perked up and got out of the car.  

That was the beginning of conditioning her to the strange loud sounds of the city, taking her to private dog training and eventually doggie daycare.  She didn't bark for nine months, but when she did, I cried.  She is now almost a normal dog at two years old. She's still shy with humans but will allow them to handle her.  I love her to death!

This website is dedicated to Rosie and everything doggie related!